About Ken Picciuto

Ken Picciuto is a skilled and dedicated professional who has successfully trained almost 20,000 dogs and their owners over the past 35+ years.

A Highly Skilled Dog Obedience Training Professional...

A Registered Master Trainer by the United States Professional Dog Trainers Association (USPDTA) and The American Federation of Professional Dog Trainers, Ken's talent and expertise in all aspects of dog training and canine behavior have earned him national recognition as a dog behavior expert.

A Recognized Canine Behavior Expert...

Ken has frequently been featured on television and radio discussing a variety of topics related to preventing and solving canine behavior problems.  He has presented seminars and lectures on canine behavior to students from across America, including many other dog trainers!  A former Regional Director for the United States Professional Dog Trainers Association, Ken's knowledge and experience is so extensive that Nationwide Insurance relies on him when they need "expert testimony" on dog behavior in court cases.

Utilizing his expertise in canine behavior, Ken created and successfully patented a unique, easy to use dog obedience training device called Obedience Links®.  Developed using scientific behavior modification during field research on thousands of dogs, Obedience Links® has become a time-tested dog training technique.  [If you'd like more information on Obedience LInks®, please don't hesitate to contact Ken.]

American Kennel Club Competitor

Ken has also been an American Kennel Club competitor in several areas, including:

Whatever the Age, Breed, or Background of your Dog...

Testimonials from both Veterinarians and our Clients confirm that Ken Picciuto's private one-on-one dog obedience training can help you and your canine friend open the door to communication, understanding, and mutual respect so that you can live together happily!

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